Every year for the last 4 years or so I’ve made a dream board. I usually work on this right before the new year. We all know the “new year new me” blah blah. I mean, who really sticks to that? I find it so much easier sticking to a plan/idea/goal, if I have it to stare at me in the face. I am a very visual learner so for me, dream boards are SO much fun.

If you’ve never heard of a dream board.. there’s a few different ways to do it. (No right or wrong)! You can use a notebook or a big poster board, you cut out images & quotes that speak to you or represent your goals/ wants for the new year! So simple, so effective! I’m going to keep it real with you guys. The first 2 years I did my dream board I just cut out cute pictures or a picture of a cat (cause I love mine), just random things really. It didn’t have a purpose and I didn’t put much thought in to it. However the last 2 years I’ve actually sat down and thought about what changes I want to make and what goals I want to achieve. Okay, so you sat down you created your dream board… now what? Does it sit in the back of your closet to get dusty? Do you end up throwing it away? GIRL, keep it out. Out where you can see it. Out where you are faced with it every morning to remember your WHY.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on the floor folding laundry. I happened to glimpse over at my dream board. I felt happiness, but when I picked it up and started actually staring at it..I saw these images + quotes that spoke to me 5 months previous.. I realized “wow, this makes sense. Wow this actually happened. Wow, that’s what that meant”!! It was almost like Jesus himself spoke to me while planning out this dream board, and now here I am watching it all unfold in front of my very eyes. I wasn’t as intentional with some of these goals as I intended. However, JEREMIAH 29:11 spoke to me. It says “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future”

My hope is for you to feel inspired. To go + make yourself a dream board. If your one of those people who don’t feel like you can plan that far ahead, maybe try for a monthly dream board!! Start somewhere. For me it is such a soothing thing. It clearly my head, inspires my heart, and makes me plan.

Some things I’ve accomplished so far in 2020:

  • Gardening! I find this one crazy because I do not have a green thumb. I’ve never actually had an interest in gardening. So I’m blown away as to why I even picked this for my board. However, here we are a few months in to the year and I am currently growing PEPPERS! Also my 2 plants (that I’m coming up with a name for) are flourishing!!!
  • Totally unplugged! This is something I’ve been very intentional with. Making sure I take the time to get off my phone, and go get inspired!
  • Plans can change! I find this one also, so very interesting. In many ways in my life, things have taken a turn. Change is good, change is scary. Thank you god for change. Change means growth!!
  • That cute house on the bottom left. This is definitely more of a goal. However we are making it happen! Me and Julian are currently painting our condo and getting it ready to list for sale! We are hoping to buy our first home by the end of this year!

I hope your find some inspiration from my dream board to help you get started. Remember there’s no right or wrong. Grab your paper, start cutting, start dreaming. Love y’all. If your still reading, thank you for your continued support.

Xoxo, Kianna (Modern Day Mommy)

Spreading Joy ✨

Motherhood is such a weird feeling. You are over the moon happy but at the same time you have moments of fear. Becoming a mother is the most selfless thing. Nothing ever is about you anymore. Every decision, every move, every choice will affect your child. What a beautiful + scary thing.

Taking it back to high school…. If your reading this and you knew me in high school or haven’t seen me since high school I can PROMISE you I am 100% a different person. In high school I was so shy, timid, not outspoken, afraid to try new things, just went with the flow. My parents raised a STRONG person do not get me wrong. I never ended up in bad situations or following the “cool people” however I just hadn’t found my way yet.

I think attending Paul Mitchell The School was one of the most amazing things that could of happened in my life. There I learned not just how to cut a good bob, or color some grey roots. I learned this word called “culture”! The culture is contagious. The culture is what keeps people, and keeps people coming back. There I learned, my individuality. There I learned how to be vocal. I learned how to express myself in ways I never had before.

Then, I became a mom. Becoming a mother has made me FEARLESS. Since being a mom is such a selfless job, Ive had to intentionally find ways to bring myself joy. I found that I find joy, by spreading JOY! That’s how I found myself here.. writing a blog. Anyway, today I’m going to share with you some other little tips on how I’ve found joy in the little things and maybe it’ll help you as well. ✨

  • Making my bed every morning! I know this is something a lot of people swear by. Honestly this is not something I ever did growing up (or maybe I didn’t listen to my mom 😅). But this makes the world of a difference. It instantly clears my head!
  • Taking 5-30 minutes to yourself each morning. Turn on that coffee pot! Brew that tea! Write in your journal. PRAY! Whatever makes you happy. Do it! In the very newborn stages I struggled with this because I was so exhausted however I feel if I implemented this earlier, I would of been more happy all around!
  • Do not try to tackle ALL THE CHORES. Focus on 1 task a day. If you master that task and feel you can put more on your plate, add another! Every day I pick 1 room in my house that I will tidy up. It made me feel productive but not overwhelmed!
  • PREP!!!! Again since becoming a mom, you have like .5 seconds until the baby needs you again. So I’ve learned to prep. I prep my iced coffee the night before. I prep my lunch for the next day. I prep my notebook to bible study. Just prep yourself. The little things matter!
  • This one will be a kicker for most of ya. I EXCHANGE MY PJS FOR ACTUAL CLOTHES. Yes, you heard it right. I’m not going to lie to you, I just started this 3 weeks ago. I PROMISE you it somehow makes you feel SO productive. It changed my mindset from feeling stagnant + blah to happy in 1 slip of a jean. No worries I’m still wearing the nursing bra with spit up on it & my hair is in the same messy bun as the last 5 days. . However … jeans. 👏🏽
  • During the day, turn that tv off. Turn the news off. Get off Facebook. Listen to something or somebody inspirational. First thing in the morning I turn on worship music. I praise Jesus. Then usually in the afternoon I either listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube video that inspires me. Get away from that negativity and inspire yourself !!! Then go inspire others!
  • This last one I’ve implemented in the last month or so. Every day I go for a walk. Whether its to the mailbox and back. Down the street and around. I make it a point to get some fresh air. Every. Single. Day. It is so good for your body, your soul, + your head. Please try this one.

Spreading joy and being intentionally joyful has been such a game changer for me. I hope you give some of these tips a try. If you do, please leave a comment and let me know how it changed you. Share with a friend, and remember to spread some joy people. ✨ If you are still reading, thank you.

Xoxox, Kianna (Modern Day Mommy) 🤍

My joy ✨🤍


It’s very easy to get down on yourself as a mom. It’s really easy to get caught up in “what other moms do” However, I chose to be intentional with what I want to do!

I found myself looking at blogs & posts of moms writing how they got up at 5 am made coffee + breakfast before there little one got up for the day. Another post about how they managed to put makeup on, clean the whole house, sleep train their child, make a 4 course meal.. all by 6pm. I’m not gonna lie.. I watch those moms on YouTube. I follow those blogs on Pinterest. I found myself comparing myself to all these moms who seem to always have their stuff together. My son will be 4 months, this month and all I can say I’ve accomplished is how to change a diaper in the dark and how to pick up dog poop while holding a leash & a baby in the other arm. (So serious)

I’m not going to lie, I set a goal for myself in January to be intentional with my time. Have I been 100% committed to that goal? No. Do I try here and there? Yes. Recently I found a mentor. If you’ve never had a mentor I highly suggest it. I’ve always had a PROFESSIONAL mentor in my work place. However never had a LIFE mentor. Somebody you look at and you say “lord, I would love to be like her!” With this whole quarantine it’s really brought me back to my goal… being intentional. Which also leads me to my mentor, Elyssa. Thankfully I met Elyssa through my fiancé + god truly knew what he was doing when he brought her in to our lives. She is an INTENTIONAL women of god. I’ve always “believed” in god. However it wasn’t until her that I wanted to begin my intentional journey of creating that closeness with him. Besides the fact of her helping me grow in my faith. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter with the want & willingness to help others. That’s what it’s all about right? That’s why I started this blog. To help others, to inspire others, to inspire MYSELF.

I truly have taken this time and looked at it as a blessing in disguise. Whether you have faith, whoever you believe in, whatever you believe in. I encourage you to be intentional with your time. You will be surprised what waking up with a game plan + killing your goals for the day will do for you.

I hope this post inspires you. I hope you go out in the world today, and inspire somebody else. I hope you set a goal + crush it! I would love to hold you accountable. Comment below, I would love to be that accountability partner. If you’re still reading, thank you so much.

Until the next one, Kianna (aka modern day mommy)

Time flies when your having fun.

Guess what today is?? Luca Michael’s 3 month birthday !! I know people told me “time would fly” .. “don’t blink” etc. However they speak FACTS. Time has never flown by this fast in my life. With Luca being my first born I am THAT mom- (those of you with kids know the first mom blues) I overthink – I overreact – I over worry. I think 5 steps ahead with 5 million questions in my head.

To be honest I wasn’t going to write a post today. I’ve been a wreck people. Me and Luca have been fighting a cold this last week. Which obviously with what’s going on has not been easy. I woke up after a rough night of him waking every 2 hours (takes me back to the good ole newborn stage) I decided to take him to the pediatrician. Let me say this- TRUST YOUR MOMMY GUT. When I first called the doctor office I was made to feel like I was over reacting there was nothing the doctor would do, blah blah. OKAY!!! Maybe he is fine, maybe it is just a cold, however I was so sad just seeing my baby struggling and sick. I got off the phone and just sat on my bed and cried for 4 minutes straight. (Probably my 4th mommy meltdown). Mommy’s, it’s okay to feel this way. Trust your mommy gut. Thankfully by the grace of god nothing was wrong with my baby, but I was put to ease by seeing his pediatrician. Below I’m going to attach a picture of my SAVING GRACE during this last week. It’s how we survived. +a whole lot of praying.


Besides Luca being sick on his 3 month bday.. these last 3 months have been nothing short of a blessing. Luca is SO happy. I am blessed to say he is a happy baby overall. Unless he’s overtired or hangry. (Like his mamma) ! Other then that- it’s all smiles. He has the cutest facial expressions. He’s definitely going to be a thumb sucker. (He never took to a binky so his thumbs I think are his comfort). Luca loves bath time, when his mommy sings to him, he loves watching dad play fortnite *throw up emoji* (NO I don’t let him however this child will be in his swing and see that game out of the corner of his eye and TURN HIS HEAD SO HARD to try and watch. Luca can almost hold his head up alone. He’s wearing size 1 diapers, and weighing in at 12 pounds as of today!! We aren’t quite sleeping through the night- but that’s alright son I love seeing your face anyway. Thank you for letting me be your mommy. These last 3 months have been the best of my life!

Luca’s favorite toy. His play mat from www.target.com! +the one time
I actually had time to eat.
His favorite book so far- Dr. Seuss’s ABC!
His favorite sleep position 🥺
The birthday boy himself. Luca Michael. 3 months old !

If you made it to the end, thanks for listening to me ramble. I appreciate you, I’m praying for you, I’m thankful for you!

Until next time, Kianna aka (modern day mommy) 💓

The little things ✨

These last few weeks have been a little crazy, am I right or am I right? However the one thing I’ve tried to do that’s kept me *somewhat calm is take things day by day & not turn on the news. Yes I want to stay informed…however, I do not want to feel overwhelmed. Anyway, despite what’s going on I just wanted to do a little baby boy update and encourage you to enjoy the little things!

Having a baby makes you 10x more sentimental I feel like. I’m always taking in every little thing Luca does. Luca will be 3 months on the 22nd!! Where did the time go?!?! I have to say I’ve LOVED the newborn stage. I love the baby snuggles, the smell of his little toesies, his giggles, the small facial expressions, literally everything in between. When I had Luca, I think I was caught up more in the socializing, social media, work work work. Not that these things are bad.. but limits people. When I had Luca I realized I don’t really socialize with people in the outside world (my mom voice took over). Ha. I don’t care about having my hair + makeup done to take the cutest insta pic. And I’ve realized work can always wait because my baby is only a baby now. (Still love my job + never leaving lol) However you realize having a baby, changes a lot. Changes who you are, your routines, your friends, your whole life really. Luca has changed me for the better. If you knew me 4 years ago, chances are I am not the same girl you remember. Shoot- if you knew me 2 years ago you wouldn’t recognize me.

I thank god every day for the changes he’s made in my life. With all that is happening in our world. Take a breathe, take a step back. Enjoy the little things. Go for a walk, read your favorite book again, learn how to bake. Use your time wisely, love those who love you.

Me + Julian + Luca we’re going to visit Julian’s parents and I looked up and saw the most magical sunset I’ve seen in a long time. So we took that moment for a family photo op. Enjoy xx

See y’all in my next post! Xoxo Kianna (Modern day mommy)

Ballin on a budget

This is probably by far my favorite quote ever. Balling on a budget. If you asked my family and friends they would tell ya I’m a bargain shopper. This is the T R U T H people. I have no shame in my game. I’m cheap, I’m frugal.. whatever you wanna call it!! That’s me.

Over the years I’ve *collected .. yes I call it collected. Because I love to show off my shoe collection! I don’t own a single item of clothing or shoes that I paid over $30 for. I guess you could say my frugalness started back when I got my first job at 18. Obviously I was not making much money, but I did still live at home thankfully. However I had a goal of buying a house. (I was 20 when I did so) BECAUSE OF MY FRUGALNESS!

So you know your girl is always shopping for a bargain. As you read in the last post, I just had a baby and I’m heading back to work here shortly. So I was on the hunt for a few new items for work. I ran across an online store called www.shein.com ! This post is not sponsored (boy do I wish!! Haha) however id like to share a little review / ootd (outfit of the day) of a few items I got from their online store! Let me start off by saying I NEVER shop online. Shocking right? I’m probably one of the only girls that have never shopped online. However the price point + the cuteness = Im giving it a shot.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised. I purchased 14 items in total and I only paid …. ARE YOU READY… $101.52. On average for each clothing item I paid anywhere from $6-12!! Are you kidding me? I’m sorry, I’m still excited. I will have attached a breakdown of each article of clothing I bought with the price. They have daily drops on their site. They have a style for EVERYBODY. They have dressy, casual, swim, and even kids! It’s definitely worth checking out. The quality was about the same as their competitors. So all in all- I felt it was most definitely worth the money I spent. I’m excited to pair the items I got and bring to you guys more ootd’s!

Sweater + Sandals + Scrunchy all from www.shein.com
Shorts: www.charlotterusse.com
Purse: www.coach.com

So that’s a wrap for today’s post. Hope you guys check out their website and find some cute + affordable pieces for your wardrobe! If you do leave a comment below and let me know what y’all got. If your still here, thanks for reading. See y’all in the next post.

Xoxo, Kianna (Modern Day Mommy)

Fourth Trimester Fun

You know the old saying “time flies when your having fun” ? THAT must of been written in regards to having a baby, because it’s been nothing short of the best 2 months of my life. However, I feel like I was pregnant forever. Maybe it was from the all day every day nausea or maybe it was the 40 hour work weeks, or maybe just from the pure excitement of wanting to meet your little baby. No matter what it was, time seemed to be DRAGGING by. Thankfully god blessed me with an overall healthy pregnancy. Fast forward through those 9 months, you enter what some moms call “the fourth trimester”.

The fourth trimester is the hardest of them all (in my opinion). I remember when I was leaving the hospital with Luca, I felt an immediate WEIGHT. An indescribable weight on my chest. I thought to myself, “holy shxt this is MY human, I have to take care of MY HUMAN FOREVER”!! The first few days are almost like the “honeymoon stage” you are in such a high from all that’s just happened that you don’t even realize how EXHAUSTED you are. You don’t realize THE PAIN you just endured. So now, the honeymoon stage is fading. I was still over the moon happy, I wouldn’t stop staring at my baby. Thinking to myself how perfect and how blessed I felt. However, this is when life kicked in. I remember my first mommy meltdown (that’s what I like to call it) .. it was one of those nights where you feel like you can’t do anything right, you feel like you’ve tried everything, you feel like the worst mommy in the world, you feel like why god?? Why can’t I figure this out?? **If you are a mom you KNOW this feeling all too well. **If you are an expecting mom, let me tell you. THIS IS ALL NORMAL. IT WILL BE OKAY. YOU ARE THE BEST MOMMY. YOU. GOT. THIS!

Here I am standing in our living room holding my screaming baby. He had been crying for what felt like hours. I had tried everything, feeding, diaper change, swaddle… no swaddle, laying down, sitting up, bassinet… swing, binky.. no binky… I tried …E V E R Y T H I N G!!! So eventually I cried, I sat there by myself and just cried. I didn’t want to wake my fiancé because he wakes up at 4:30 for work and at this point it was probably 11ish. I was staring at my human, not able to figure out what he needs. For a mommy, this is heartbreaking. Nobody can even explain to you how this feels. There will be times you feel like you are incapable of soothing your baby, there’s going to be times where you feel like you can’t do it. The fourth trimester will kick your ass. But, you got this. Out comes Julian, with his hand on my back and tells me “it’s okay, your doing great, don’t cry. We love you”! THIS LADIES, is why you need a supportive other half. If you do or don’t, I am here for support. No matter if you know me, don’t know me, hate me, or love me. Every single mother should feel supported always. This fourth trimester was no joke, but this little bundle of joy is worth every single tear. Your human is worth Every. Single. Tear.

Much love to you guys!! If you are still reading thank you. See y’all in my next blog post.

Xoxo, Kianna (Modern Day Mommy)

Luca Michael, 2 months old.

Taking a chance

As I sit here staring at my 2 month old baby boy… I am officially writing my first blog post & finally going after something that’s been a dream of mine since I was in middle school.

Something I learned since becoming a mother is the constant feeling of FEAR. I have more to lose then I did before. However, I have more courage then I’ve ever had in my life. Like I said, starting a blog has been a dream of mine since middle school. But not until I had Luca did I realize I have so much to share. I love the idea of having an outlet to blog our families adventures but also share our lessons.

This year is our year. 2020 is the year to take chances. To step outside of your comfort zone. To do something you never imagined you could do. Bring on the uncertainty, bring on the fear, bring on the lessons. 2020, we are ready for ya.

See y’all soon,

Xo Kianna (Modern Day Mommy)

Photo By: Sarah Ormiston Photography