Spreading Joy ✨

Motherhood is such a weird feeling. You are over the moon happy but at the same time you have moments of fear. Becoming a mother is the most selfless thing. Nothing ever is about you anymore. Every decision, every move, every choice will affect your child. What a beautiful + scary thing.

Taking it back to high school…. If your reading this and you knew me in high school or haven’t seen me since high school I can PROMISE you I am 100% a different person. In high school I was so shy, timid, not outspoken, afraid to try new things, just went with the flow. My parents raised a STRONG person do not get me wrong. I never ended up in bad situations or following the “cool people” however I just hadn’t found my way yet.

I think attending Paul Mitchell The School was one of the most amazing things that could of happened in my life. There I learned not just how to cut a good bob, or color some grey roots. I learned this word called “culture”! The culture is contagious. The culture is what keeps people, and keeps people coming back. There I learned, my individuality. There I learned how to be vocal. I learned how to express myself in ways I never had before.

Then, I became a mom. Becoming a mother has made me FEARLESS. Since being a mom is such a selfless job, Ive had to intentionally find ways to bring myself joy. I found that I find joy, by spreading JOY! That’s how I found myself here.. writing a blog. Anyway, today I’m going to share with you some other little tips on how I’ve found joy in the little things and maybe it’ll help you as well. ✨

  • Making my bed every morning! I know this is something a lot of people swear by. Honestly this is not something I ever did growing up (or maybe I didn’t listen to my mom 😅). But this makes the world of a difference. It instantly clears my head!
  • Taking 5-30 minutes to yourself each morning. Turn on that coffee pot! Brew that tea! Write in your journal. PRAY! Whatever makes you happy. Do it! In the very newborn stages I struggled with this because I was so exhausted however I feel if I implemented this earlier, I would of been more happy all around!
  • Do not try to tackle ALL THE CHORES. Focus on 1 task a day. If you master that task and feel you can put more on your plate, add another! Every day I pick 1 room in my house that I will tidy up. It made me feel productive but not overwhelmed!
  • PREP!!!! Again since becoming a mom, you have like .5 seconds until the baby needs you again. So I’ve learned to prep. I prep my iced coffee the night before. I prep my lunch for the next day. I prep my notebook to bible study. Just prep yourself. The little things matter!
  • This one will be a kicker for most of ya. I EXCHANGE MY PJS FOR ACTUAL CLOTHES. Yes, you heard it right. I’m not going to lie to you, I just started this 3 weeks ago. I PROMISE you it somehow makes you feel SO productive. It changed my mindset from feeling stagnant + blah to happy in 1 slip of a jean. No worries I’m still wearing the nursing bra with spit up on it & my hair is in the same messy bun as the last 5 days. . However … jeans. 👏🏽
  • During the day, turn that tv off. Turn the news off. Get off Facebook. Listen to something or somebody inspirational. First thing in the morning I turn on worship music. I praise Jesus. Then usually in the afternoon I either listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube video that inspires me. Get away from that negativity and inspire yourself !!! Then go inspire others!
  • This last one I’ve implemented in the last month or so. Every day I go for a walk. Whether its to the mailbox and back. Down the street and around. I make it a point to get some fresh air. Every. Single. Day. It is so good for your body, your soul, + your head. Please try this one.

Spreading joy and being intentionally joyful has been such a game changer for me. I hope you give some of these tips a try. If you do, please leave a comment and let me know how it changed you. Share with a friend, and remember to spread some joy people. ✨ If you are still reading, thank you.

Xoxox, Kianna (Modern Day Mommy) 🤍

My joy ✨🤍

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